Boom Lift Hire For Maximum Height and Reach

Wide Range of Articulated and Telescopic Boom Lifts Available for Hire

Welcome to Heavylift Group Scotland, your ultimate destination for top-notch boom lift hire services. As a leading heavy lifting and transport company, we recognize the importance of safe and efficient elevated access for diverse industries. Our extensive fleet of advanced boom lifts, combined with our skilled team, is dedicated to elevating your projects with precision and versatility.

If you’re looking for a boom lift hire in Scotland, look no further than Heavylift Group Scotland. We offer a wide range of boom lift hire options to suit your needs, including articulated boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts. We also offer a heavy lifting service to help you move heavy equipment and machinery around. So, whatever your lifting needs, we can help. Contact us today for a free quote.

Heavylift Group Scotland JLG & GENIE articulated, and telescopic boom lifts will solve your up and over challenges with ease. Efficient and safe, JLG & GENIE boom lifts come in several models, including engine-powered, electric and hybrid, and towable. The professionals at Heavylift Group Scotland can help you decide which boom lift suits your unique situation, whatever your situation, we’ve got answers!

About Boom Lifts

Boom lifts, also known as cherry pickers or aerial work platforms, are invaluable tools for projects that demand extended reach and mobility. These versatile machines feature a hydraulic arm or boom that can be articulated or telescoped, allowing for precise positioning in hard-to-reach areas. Boom lifts are essential for tasks that require vertical access at varying heights, making them ideal for construction, maintenance, signage, and more.

Spider Lift Hire in Scotland, UK

Compact Crawler Boom Lift

Perfect for indoor and outdoor jobs and with zero emissions on the battery-powered model, the JLG compact crawler booms are available in four models, achieve heights from 15 m to 33 m. and are built with a tracked wheel carriage that not only climbs steps but makes doorway, gate and yard access easier.

Cherry Picker Hire in Scotland, UK

Toucan Mast Boom Lift

With a 25% gradeability and thick rubber non-marking tires, the JLG toucan boom lift is ideal for vertical challenges inside warehouses and other facilities where assembly lines, shelving, ductwork, partitions, and more need to be worked around.

Boom Lift Rental in Scotland, UK

Articulated Boom Lift

Available in both engine and electric engines, JLG and GENIE articulated booms work well in narrow and congested outdoor spaces, such as construction sites, and indoors where the articulating boom can replace unsteady and unsafe scaffolding and ladders. When working indoors, the electric JLG articulating boom emits zero emissions and is quieter. Engine-powered JLG boom lifts have a reach range from 6m to 20m and a platform height from 10m to 45m. Electric/hybrid models have a reach range from 6m to 16m and a platform height from 11m to 25m.

Man Lift Hire in Scotland, UK

Telescopic Boom Lift

Stable while reaching greater heights, JLG and GENIE telescoping booms provide industry solutions for roofing, construction and rough terrain applications. Engine-powered JLG and GENIE telescopic booms have a reach from 11m to 25m. and a platform height from 12m to 57m. Electric/hybrid JLG telescopic booms have a reach from 13m to 13.5m and a platform height of 18.3m to 18.4m

Why Choose Heavylift Group Scotland for Boom Lift Hire?

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Our boom lift fleet consists of the latest models from trusted manufacturers. Each machine undergoes regular maintenance and rigorous inspections to ensure peak performance, safety, and reliability.

Wide Selection

At Heavylift Group Scotland, we offer a comprehensive range of boom lifts to suit your specific project needs. From compact electric articulating boom lifts for indoor tasks to robust diesel-powered telescopic boom lifts for outdoor applications, we have the perfect solution for every project requirement.

Emphasis on Safety

Safety is our foremost priority. We strictly adhere to industry safety standards and regulations, ensuring that our boom lifts are equipped with essential safety features, such as platform controls, safety harness points, and fall arrest systems. Our operators are highly trained to handle the equipment safely, providing a secure working environment for your team.

Expert Consultation

Our aerial work platform experts are available to guide you in selecting the most suitable boom lift for your project. We take the time to understand your specific needs and offer personalized recommendations that optimize efficiency and meet your budget.

Flexible Rental Options

Whether you require a boom lift for short-term or long- term projects, our flexible rental plans can be tailored to accommodate your schedule and budget constraints. With Heavylift Group Scotland, you have the freedom to rent the equipment you need for the duration that suits you best.

Comprehensive Support

Our aerial work platforms are versatile and applicable across numerous industries, including construction, maintenance, telecommunications, film production, event management, and more. Whatever your vertical access needs may be, we have the right solution for you.

Benefits of Boom Lift Hire

Enhanced Reach and Mobility

Boom lifts provide exceptional vertical access, allowing your team to work at elevated heights with ease. The articulating or telescopic booms enable precise positioning, making them perfect for accessing areas that may otherwise be challenging to reach.


Our boom lifts are adaptable to a wide range of applications, from construction and maintenance to film production and event management. Theyare suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing unparalleled versatility for various projects.

Increased Productivity

With boom lift hire, you can significantly enhance work productivity. The quick setup and smooth operation of these machines reduce downtime and enable your team to complete tasks efficiently, ultimately boosting project timelines and results.


Opting for boom lift hire eliminates the need for long-term ownership costs and maintenance. You can access the latest technology without the financial burden of equipment ownership, making it a cost-effective solution for your project needs.

Reach new heights of success with Heavylift Group Scotland’s premium boom lift hire services. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and let our expert team recommend the perfect boom lift solution for your specific needs.

Experience the efficiency, safety, and versatility of working with Scotland’s leading heavy lift and transport company. Partner with us and elevate your projects to the next level of excellence in vertical access operations.

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