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Heavylift Group Scotland operates a fleet of specialized equipment, which is constantly being updated and innovated according to the demands of the projects Heavylift Group Scotland carries out. All equipment is operated by a team of highly skilled experts, who are supported by our excellent team of engineers.

Heavylift Group Scotland is a leading construction equipment rental specialist and has worked on some of the United Kingdom’s and Middle East’s most iconic projects. Our foundation was built on customer service, understanding the project scope and requirements, and exceeding expectations. We can provide you with market-competitive rates for all your construction projects.

Heavy equipment rental is essential to any construction project, no matter the size large or small. Heavy equipment and plant have changed the face of the construction, mining, and agriculture industries completely. Projects can be completed much faster and productivity is at an all-time high because of the efficiency of heavy equipment. Heavy equipment is used for several reasons and can greatly benefit any project they are used on. Below we’ll go through the top 10 types of heavy equipment, their purpose, variations, and projects they are normally used on.

Top 10 types of popular heavy equipment are provided below:

1. Excavator

Excavator is a multipurpose digging machine mainly designed to remove ground materials. Excavators also have several other functions thanks to their interchangeable bucket heads. Excavators’ main purpose is excavating, hence the name.

Heavylift Group Scotland’s fleet offers a variety of excavators ideal for use within a diverse range from little 1.5-ton models up to 350-ton models and every size you can imagine in between, they can complete almost any excavation job of construction and infrastructure environments. Whether completing minor home renovations or a major government contract, or large construction projects Heavylift Group Scotland simply provides industry-leading machinery and highly competitive excavator hire rates.

Get in contact with the team today to see how we can help you get the best rate for all your excavator rental requirements. You can also negotiate a combination of heavy equipment suppliers with a range of our other machines such as our crane rental and lifting services.

2. Dozer

Dozer or Bulldozer is an earthmoving machine designed to push materials like dirt, aggregate, and sand. Not a small number of materials either, dozers are some of the strongest construction equipment machines out there. Dozers are often found on road construction, housing estate constructions, and mines.

At Heavylift Group Scotland all our dozers are maintained regularly and comply with strict standards to ensure the highest level of performance and efficiency on all earthmoving tasks. With our Dozer and experienced operator, you can guarantee we’ll get the job done on time every time.

Regardless of the application, if you need a dozer for rental across the United Kingdom and the Middle East – you can trust Heavylift Group Scotland to provide earth-moving equipment for construction projects of any scale. Contact us today to learn more about our highly competitive dozer hire rates.

3. Backhoe

Backhoes for hire are medium sizes construction equipment that is designed to tackle a range of tasks. Backhoes come equipped with a front-loading bucket and a boom arm on the back of the equipment. This means that when you hire a backhoe you get the abilities of both a small excavator and a front loader in one.

Backhoes can excavate, either with their boom arm or bucket, as well as transport the materials around the site and load materials into transport. While other heavy equipment may be able to do one of these jobs more efficiently, they often can’t complete everything a backhoe loader can do. This is the key benefit of a backhoe, its ability to complete every aspect of a construction job.

Our fleet includes a diverse range of backhoes rental for use across a variety of large or small construction projects, no matter if it’s a one-day residential job or a longer-term government project, we have a backhoe for hire for every job.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can arrange the best deal for your backhoe hire requirements.

4. Grader

Graders are specialized pieces of construction equipment designed to level, or grade, a surface to millimeter precision. They are often used in road construction to level the road base, ensuring that a high-quality road is built and will last for several years to come. Operating a grader takes a great deal of skill, especially for final trim grading which can be shaving millimeters off a surface. At Heavylift Group Scotland all our grader operators have experienced, and our machines are well equipped for your project.

Our graders and other equipment rental are regularly maintained to industry standards to ensure optimal performance and efficiency during the grading process – providing the highest quality results. Our expert team of graders and operators are highly skilled, so you can guarantee a competitively good job every time.

Give us a call today to find out more about what our grader hire services can do for you and learn about our highly competitive hire rates.

5. Front Loader

A Front loader is an integrated tool carrier construction machine designed to lift, carry, and transport various materials around a construction site. Loaders have wheels that make them faster than other tracked machines like excavators and their interchangeable bucket allows them to take on a multitude of roles.

Front-loaders are essential heavy equipment for mining and quarry operations where materials need to be transported daily. They are the most efficient construction machine for this type of work, as others are either too slow or need to push the material along the ground.

Get in contact with our team today to find out more about our competitive front loader rental rates and learn more about what our fleet of construction equipment rental can do for you.

6. Roller

A roller is a road construction machine designed to compact the ground. This is an important part of any road making, whether it be a motorway or a driveway. It is safe to drive on when using road base, gravel, or asphalt a roller is important to ensure the road is set properly.

They are most often used on road construction projects after a grader has gone through and leveled the ground and after asphalt is laid. Rollers are also used on smaller projects such as driveways and residential that are too big for compactors to complete.

Rollers can come in a range of different types; however, the biggest difference is whether we use a single drum roller with wheels behind or a twin drum roller for our construction projects. Like graders, rollers are important to the road construction process as the ground needs to be heavily compacted to ensure when the asphalt is laid it doesn’t crumble.

Whether you need a small 5-tonne roller all the way up to 20-tonne we have the roller you need available for short or long-term rental. Heavylift Group Scotland roller operators are highly skilled and experienced in the intricacies of roller work.

Contact the Heavylift Group Scotland team today to find out more about hiring our rollers either on their own or with other machines in our fleet.

7. Scraper

A scraper is heavy-duty earthmoving equipment that excavates large quantities of ground cover as it drives over it. The process is called scraping because the machine scrapes over the earth to excavate. Scrapers are often used on large residential builds, road construction, and mines when there is a need for large quantities of earth to be moved.

Heavylift Group Scotland’s fleet of scrapers is capable of being activated with little notice to get on-site and working. Our operators are professional and effective, capable of meeting productivity goals without stress with their experience. Our scrapers for rental are also able to be hired in conjunction with our extended construction equipment rental fleet of excavators, rollers, and graders to name a few.

Whether it’s a new masterplan community or a major highway construction our scrapers and operators can complete the work on time and on budget every time.

With competitive scraper rental rates and industry-leading construction equipment rental specialists across Scotland and the Middle East, Heavylift Group Scotland is the place to go for earth-moving equipment. Contact the team today to find out more about hiring our scrapers either on their own or with other machines in our fleet.

8. Skid Steer Loader or Bob Cat

Skid steer loaders are some of the smallest heavy equipment but are an asset on most construction and agricultural projects. This machine has a compact body with a front bucket and can independently steer both wheel sides.

Skid steer loaders are perfect for small to medium projects that need materials moved regularly.

Our fleet of skid steer loaders for the rental is ideal for use in a range of construction projects. Whether completing a weekend job or major government contract we provide quality heavy equipment rental at highly competitive rates.

9. Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are essential machines for any major construction, mining, or quarry operation. They are essentially a larger version of a tipper but are designed to handle off-road conditions and carry higher quantities of materials. Articulated dump trucks are used on medium-sized projects and projects with difficult terrain. Whereas rigid dump trucks are used on major mining projects with even terrain and can carry even more material.

Our articulated dump trucks are regularly serviced, come with low machine hours, latest models, and brands, and have been used in various construction projects. While our dump truck operators have undergone extensive training and are equipped with all the required licenses.

To arrange your next hire for our articulated dump trucks or any of our other construction equipment rental and truck hires get in touch with us today.

10. Telehandler

Tele Handlers or Telescopic Handlers or Boom Loaders are equipment used across different industries, especially in construction and agriculture. They are lifting equipment that can be attached with different things like buckets, cabins, forklifts, and so on. These attachments can also be changed as per project requirements. According to the type of work carried out these are attached to the end of the telescopic boom. The telescopic boom is a movable part of telehandlers or boom loaders.

They can be moved diagonally, upwards, or downwards depending on the type of construction job. Tele handlers assist in lifting heavy materials. At various levels, they can likewise be utilized as workers' platforms. Tele handlers have solid durable wheels and can be used on and off roads. They are operated by experienced operators and should be used according to the lifting capacity. Tele handlers are a preferred option when compared to other lifting processes like manual lifting.

Contact the Heavylift Group Scotland team today to find out more about hiring our telehandlers either on their own or with other machines in our fleet.

Do You Need Any of These Heavy Construction Machines on Rental or Buy?

At Heavylift Group Scotland we have a range of construction equipment available for rental on both short and long-term projects. Whether you need construction equipment suppliers for a day or a fleet of heavy equipment we can sort you out. If you need rental or buy any of the top 10 construction equipment, give us a call today.

We specialize in providing a tailored service offering expert advice on all aspects of handling, transport, and logistics of heavy equipment. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote related to Heavy Lifting, Logistics Service, Spider Crane Rental, and Aerial Work Platforms.

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